While I’m Promoting Historic Houses…

I must just quickly tell you about Stobhall, Perthshire. It’s the lovely little family home of the Drummonds or Earls of Perth to be exact. I’m planning a visit, but it’s only open from the end of May to the end of June, so get your skates on!

I’ll be doing a little post soon on all of the historic houses and palaces I’ve visited. Might throw a few museums in there too. Here’s the link to Stobhall’s website.

3 thoughts on “While I’m Promoting Historic Houses…

  1. Wow, so you’re going to Scotland, have you ever been there before? For Christmas this past year I bought three plots of land in Lochaber, Scotland, for my husband my son and myself. So now we are actual lords and lady. Of course, the plots are only 1 square foot each, but we own the land and the title. Hopefully one day we will go and stand in our square. Lochaber is east of Perth near Ben Nevis.

  2. Well, I guess I should have read your “about me” site. I didn’t know you were living in Scotland right now. So I’m sorry. In my previous post I asked if you had ever gone there.

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