Who Do You Think You Are? – Back This Week

Hello fellow genealogy fans!  Those of you based in the UK, or with access to BBC TV will be pleased to know that the programme ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ is back this Wednesday 13 August, BBC1 at 9pm (repeated the next day).  The first episode is about the family of the actress Patsy Kensit.

For those of you that haven’t seen it before, it is a programme tracing the genealogy of celebrities.  The last few series have been very high quality indeed, so I am looking forward to this one.

More details about the show can be found here.  The BBC website also has some handy tips and tools for the beginner.  Why not start tracing your family tree?

8 thoughts on “Who Do You Think You Are? – Back This Week

  1. My dad traced his family back to the early 1700s, then set up a DNA site for the males in the family and found that sure enough, family legend was accurate – four or five generations back someone had been adopted after a flu epidemic and took the family name. A whole new slew of records to track down!

  2. I’m watching it now! :) Also, you responded to my post about volunteering and I just thought I’d let you know I replied to it – also interested to know about your experiences…

  3. Wish I could see it too. Maybe they will do a show like that here. Oh wait, they will, it’s called the November elections, when all the dirty laundry comes out. 😈

  4. It is indeed a great show.

    Melissa, that’s really interesting. I’ve considered DNA, but not sure where I’d go with that. My own particular name I have researched back until the very early 1700s, but some parts of the family I have right back, I think, to about 1604.

    I must say I really bonded with Patsy Kensit, witnessing her family story. Roll on the next!

  5. This is fascinating, I wish we had a programme similar to this in America. Genealogy has been of interest to me for some 8 years now and in the past year have found some interesting connections just through online research.

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