Wombat Friday: Art, Cake and Friends!

2013-04-05 21.24.17

Top sends his apologies, but the chocolate the Easter bunny left him last week got the better of him – and he didn’t make a Wombat Friday post.

Today however, due to a remarkable coincidence we have for you a tale of wombat rescue.  Top has been joined by Ruskin, a rather older and full of wisdom wombat, who was spotted by the Mum in a junk shop.  This week we have the last of the Easter chocolate nests and eggs AND even nicer, the last one of the Belgian macaroons bought fresh from the International Market this afternoon.

Top and Ruskin would like to share with you ‘Reverie’ by Dante Gabriel Rossetti.  Had to be a Rossetti piece of art really!  It can be found at the Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool.

If you are joining in with Wombat Friday, please leave me a link to yours!  Thanks and wombat wishes :)

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