Wombat Friday: On Location

The wombats and I (Top and Ruskin) went on a jaunt recently to visit Fyvie Castle – which has the distinction of owning the painting of The Sound of Many Waters by Millais from 1876.  Unfortunately you can’t take pictures inside, so I told them to pose outside!

Wombats at Fyvie

Top and Ruskin would also like to share that Spring has finally sprung!  Happy Wombat Friday!


4 thoughts on “Wombat Friday: On Location

  1. Lol! Looks like you and the wombats had a lovely time! That carpet of crocuses is beautiful! Also love the Millais painting! 😀

    • The do love a gambol in the crocuses! I took them to a particularly lovely spot for them – just amazing amounts.

      That Millais is lovely, glad you liked Mandy!

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