Wordless Wednesday #13


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47 Responses to Wordless Wednesday #13

  1. Nice pic. Castle Fraser in glorious monochrome?

  2. beautiful and foreboding!! Happy WW.

  3. Now that looks like it could be haunted, nice shot.

  4. I’d love to tour this. It’s beautiful. I just love all your photographs. Have a great WW. :)

  5. Jim

    NOT Castle Fraser. I feel I may have been here but then, … :lol:
    Happy WW, I’ll highlite your link now. :smile:

  6. I’ve been reading some Elizabeth Bowen, and this captures the mood exactly! Thanks!

  7. A rather tall and thin building…gloriously shot in black and white…suits it rather well!

  8. Beautiful picture. I love castles.

    Happy WW.

    Smiles and Blessings,

    Angel ( Angel Mama )

  9. Ooo, that looks cool, loads of grass and space and I bet there’s some great beds in there for me to lay on too.

  10. I think I’ve been here. Is it “C******* C” in “A’ds****?”

  11. I’m intrigued as to where that is. Great shot :-)

  12. Wow. I really need to spend some time browsing your blog. I’m a medievalist and I think I’ve just found heaven.

  13. It looks really cool, haunted and old, great shot as ever

  14. Pam

    I see the knights on horses and ladies peaking out the windows

    Happy Wordless Wednesday

  15. Wow, how pretty. I love the b&w. Happy WW!

  16. I just want to run down that road! That castle is really pretty!

  17. Great pic, makes me want to visit it.

  18. What a great, old building.

  19. I would love to visit a castle someday!

  20. Wherever that is, I think I want to go there :)

  21. Incredibly beautiful!

    Happy WW!

    Jane, Pinks & Blues Girls

  22. I believe I’ve been to that castle as well, but I can’t place it.

  23. Beautifully composed

  24. Pretty, pretty, and makes me want to go castle-hopping…

  25. A pretty shot as always. Happy WW.

  26. Intriguing and compelling.

  27. :lol: Awesome photo!

    Blessings to you!

  28. Pretty! I’d trade my townhouse in for a castle any day =0

  29. I do so enjoy your photos. Your coloring this week makes the castle a bit of a fearful structure that I’m still called toward.

  30. If that’s your place, I’m inviting myself over. We’re automatic friends!

  31. What a beautiful building. Intrigued to know where it is. Happy WW

  32. I will never get sick of this castle, its lovely! :razz:

  33. Thank you all for coming this week, and for your lovely comments. :oops:

    I think this is the first time I’ve posted b&w and I’m rather pleased with it. Misslionheart, you are correct it is indeed Craigievar Castle, but jams you are partly right, Craigievar is a sister castle to Fraser. It is also haunted, Rand…but more about that in a later post. It is a very interesting place, but a little severe, and remote and I got chased around the grounds but about 60 flies trying to photograph it. :roll:

    Oh, and CableGirl, you are welcome to medieval the day away with me! Btw, Claire – :razz: :twisted:

  34. That looks like a great place to go exploring!

  35. Cool trick…very ingtriguing! :grin:

  36. pretty. can’t wait for the story about its haunting

  37. The answer to this week’s WW : Guess-It is up~ Head on down and take a peak and see if you won!

  38. Hey, it’s only Friday…lol. Wonderful picture Alison. I think the black and white really brings out the details, don’t you?

  39. ooops i thought it was the same one! my bad :cry:

  40. I can of course see the differences now :grin: :evil:

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