Wordless Wednesday #21

Yes, I know it’s a graveyard, but I think these are quite fascinating as they were built to protect the dead from grave robbers.

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28 Responses to Wordless Wednesday #21

  1. Facinating photo Alison. I presume it was a successfful deterrent against the resurrection men?

  2. great purpose and a good idea!

    happy ww!

  3. Sue

    I love cemeteries, I find them lovely places to visit that provide great photo ops like yours .. :) Happy WW

  4. Gets me jazzed for Halloween! Nice shot!

  5. Cool. Stops them going for a walk at night I guess….. :wink:

  6. are they too keep the graves from being dug up by animals? Great shot!

  7. Interesting…

    Happy WW!
    Mine is up too!

    Isabelle aka Tricotine

  8. Wonderful photo. I learned something new….had never seen these before. Thanks for sharing.
    Happy WW!

    • Hello, and thanks for visiting!

      I think reasonably successful Jams. It was to keep grave robbers or resurrectionists out AMTG! I haven’t photographed it yet, but I know there’s a kirkyard not too far away from where I live with a ‘Mort House’ in it. It was a place to lock bodies in until they were too decomposed to be stolen and sold! Sorry, hope no-one was eating while reading this :grin:

  9. Fascinating indeed. I love this stuff. So so interesting.

  10. interesting shot … learned something new today! :smile:
    happy WW

  11. Oh my – I love these kinds of places AND photos! I use to hang out in the cemetary nearby my house with my date :eek:

  12. What a beautiful old cemetary. Have a great WW. :)

  13. Very interesting! I’ve never seen anything like that before. My WW for this week is Blazing! Thanks for visiting.

  14. That’s kind of creepy, but cool.

  15. I am more convinced that they had been built for in laws maybe so they are unable to come out again ! You never know, lol !

  16. I didn’t see your explanation at first, so I wrestled between 2 theories: a punishment method designed for the squeemish, or a (somewhat impractical) device for burning bodies. Never would have guessed what it really was…

  17. oh my stomach, no, It would have been yuck to see the bodies but this is just old & charming

  18. Jim

    Hi Alison, we got back from Scotland last night, so I’m running a little late. We didn’t see any of this while were there!
    Mine today, i.e, “It didn’t happen on my shift.”

  19. Cool! I’ve seen a few cemetary shots in WW today, but these are the most interesting graves.

  20. Oh very interesting! I love the photo! Happy WW :)

  21. Wow, perfect for spooky halloween.


  22. Bet there are stories to tell from these graves.

  23. Do you think it worked? It’s an interesting design…perfect to get anyone in the Halloween mood! :)


  24. Great shot!

    Sorry for not visiting your blog sooner, I was just caught up with a lot of things. Thank you for your visit & comment in my WW entry.

    God bless! :)

  25. No wonder you like CSI! :) Not too many years back there were no cadavers for doctors to examine (except for maybe the poor sots with no families) and doctors would pay to get bodies. It became a very lucrative trade for those with no scruples or money. Very interesting shot Alison. Is that one slab of stone on the top, or many?

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