Wordless Wednesday: Drum Castle

A lovely bright, leafy day at Drum Castle.


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31 Responses to Wordless Wednesday: Drum Castle

  1. WFM

    Wow, that shot and castle are both absolutely stunning!

  2. OMG I want to visit soooo badly!

  3. Ahh I’d love to be in the land of castles right now….

  4. Great shot Alison. I really must visit your part of Scotland although I probably would not get out of teh Glenfiddich distillery!

  5. Unbelievable. Do you have any idea how beautiful these are? I love to come here and see what new pic you have up. What a wonderful world you live in.

  6. what a beautiful sturdy looking structure! Wonder what it looks like inside?

  7. I love your castle shots and thank you for giving us English virtual tours

  8. Think they have enough room? This is wonderful. What a sky!

  9. A great picture. Happy WW.

  10. wow … beautiful!
    would love to visit the place!

    happy WW

  11. what an awesome castle. how luck you are to live close to such beautiful architecture! happy ww!

  12. I would love to tour a castle. This one would do quite nicely. Have a great WW. :)

  13. :wink: I’d like to see the budget to decorate that puppy!

  14. how much dose it cost to heat that baby :shock: happy ww

  15. You are going to be responsible for a surge in travel to Scotland if you keep posting these pictures! :wink: Happy WW and Halloween!

  16. Very nice picture you have here – Hapy WW! Wish you a nice Halloween :)

  17. What a beautiful place!!!

  18. WOW!!!! What a GORGEUOS castle!!

  19. Looks like a lovely crisp day there!

  20. This is a nice shot. Happy Halloween and Happy WW! :)

  21. WOW! Really beautiful. Thanks for sharing and Happy Halloween WW!

  22. Yen

    WOW! Beautiful shot and such a peaceful site!

  23. I’m probably one of the few little girls that didn’t want to live in a castle. They look so chilly! Happy WW :)

  24. Now this is very cool!

  25. There’s a tree in the way ;-)

    I’m sure Patrick’s in shot somewhere…..

  26. Jim

    We were there last month, it is a wonderful place!
    Happy WW! :-)

  27. That’s a gorgeous castle! Happy WW! :)

  28. What a wonderful photo! My husband and I visited England and Scotland about 12 years ago. Wow does this picture make me want to get my albums out!!!

    Thanks, Stephanie

  29. “Wow does this picture make me want to get my albums out!!!”

    Must…. resist…. urge to make…… lewd comment……. :mrgreen:

  30. Great picture and castle. This one has a very clean look, light color and the texture is not too intense. Very interesting.

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