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  1. Very nice.

    And who’s that running towards the doorway? ;-)

  2. What a gorgeous photo. I love those old arches.

  3. Nice photo. Where was it taken if you dont mind me asking?

  4. Well, I’m pretty sure that picture wasn’t taken in the USA! Very stately and old-looking.

  5. Chris: I think you know :twisted:

    Thanks for all your comments :grin:

    It’s Elgin Cathedral in Scotland.

  6. Amb

    Stunning, especially the grey juxtaposed against the verdant grass…

  7. Oh wow…….this is mighty impressive!!!
    Welcome to W W. You did good!!!

  8. I love this shot. Happy Wednesday.

  9. I love taking pictures like this myself

  10. Well, as much as I love McDonald’s ‘Golden Arches,’ these arches are much more stately and lovely to look at. They aren’t clogging my arteries or fattening up my butt either.

    Happy WW!

  11. I love it, Elgin? was that in the Davinci Code or did I make that up?

  12. Yes i am nosy, hooray you have a blog. Did Chris make you do it? :lol:
    Love the archways.

  13. I would love to poke around in here for a bit. What a beautiful shot. :smile: WW!

  14. Love those Gothic arches!! Stunning!

  15. This is really neat – it looks like something out of Harry Potter to me! I love it!

  16. beautiful architecture! Love the archs especially

  17. Thanks for the explanation of where and who. Great photo.

  18. A lovely shot. I love Scotland!
    Welcome to WW!

  19. Magnificent is not a grand enough word for those arches.

  20. Claire: yes he made me do it :wink:

    Jenn: thank you :grin:

    Thanks all for visiting, I don’t think Elgin has been in any films, but I check up and post later if I find anything!

  21. Beautiful! :) A lovely photo of a beautiful, old structure.

    Thanks for visiting!

  22. :grin: Hey I have a picture of this Cathedral too. Visited it in 2005 .. almost the same perspective.. nice coincidence

  23. That place is beautiful! Mom wants to go!

  24. Wow, that is georgeous! I loved it.
    Thanks for stopping by and welcome to WW!

  25. Oh how I would love to be there!

  26. What a fun shot. I love history and ruins. THanks for sharing.


  27. Beautiful. Someday I plan to travel to the British Isles and spend a long time touring and soaking up the history.

    Thanks for visiting my WW.

  28. Beautiful photo. I love going to visit places like this. So much history :-). Happy WW

  29. amy

    Lovely…i enjoy pics like this!

    If you get bored, check out the Scavenger Hunt over at Amys Random Thoughts starting May 1st! New prizes were added today!

  30. Old buildings have such stories. Wonder what this ones is?


  31. That is beautiful! Scotland you say? I’m dying to go over there, we are planning a trip for next year!!

  32. Thanks for stopping by and leaving your kind comments.

    Toni: we must both have excellent taste :wink:

  33. gorgeous. I love walking aorund old buildings

  34. The answer to this week’s WW Guess-It is out! Head on down and see if you got it right!

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