WW: Snowdrops

I’m seeing Snowdrops everywhere, and I love them! I took this photograph last week, whilst on one of our road trips.  This is for Wordless Tues/Wednesday. For other participants click here.

Update: Many of you tell me you hadn’t seen or heard of Snowdrops before.   We get them in the cold weather just before the Spring flowers come out.  They are wild flowers, and are usually seen in sheltered places ‘like a carpet’ along with yellow and purple crocuses.  Really lovely, tiny little flowers all of them.


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28 Responses to WW: Snowdrops

  1. These are lovely and strong heralds of spring. This is a great shot.

  2. First time I’ve seen those. They’re lovely!

  3. It will be a year until I see them again, we are heading into autumn here in NZ.
    Happy WW

  4. HOW BEAUTIFUL! I need more of those messengers of spring! Thanks for sharing :smile:

  5. Gorgeous! Not seen a nice stand of them yet, but the camera is at the ready :)

  6. Such a wonderful sight Alison! Happy WW

  7. great Photograph.
    Happy Wordless Tuesday

    Thanks for stopping by.

  8. Oh the snowdrops are fabulous. Thanks for sharing them…

  9. That flower is so pretty! i have never seen something like that yet, thank you for sharing this very fascinating shot! Happy WW!

  10. ZJ

    Oh, how beautiful! It looks like it’s going to fall anytime soon :D
    I wonder if this flower grows in tropical countries?

  11. Those look quite lovely! Thanks for stopping by my Tuesday entry!

  12. such a beautiful flower, I wonder what the name of that. So pretty ;) happy WW!
    Life’s Impression

  13. This is the first time I see the flower…beautiful!

  14. Haven’t seen this one before! Lovely!

  15. They are gorgeous! Can we live in a wing of your castle?

  16. Fabulous shot. Happy WW!

  17. Jim

    :cool: Alison, I’m glad you are still WW’ing. I like your snowdrops. I don’t think we have them around here.
    My WW is up but I didn’t visit around yesterday. It isn’t very outstanding, I am more proud of my regular blog post [ http://jimmiehov.blogspot.com/ ] for yesterday.
    Not much reading, but I did want to come check on you today. I have been snowed under doing taxes for my deceased Dad’s stuff. He died this March.

  18. your photo is beautiful! those are lovely flowers and i had never seen them before. thanks for sharing!

  19. Yes!!!! Can’t wait!!!

  20. What a perpfect photo. Thx for sharing. Beautiful – and thx for always coming by and visiting me. I wrote a little someth’n today to let you know what’s going on in my world. Have a gr8 weekend, my friend Alison!

  21. Spring is on its way. hooray

  22. Thank you all for your comments!

  23. Great picture! Reminds me of one of the scenes in Fantasia.

  24. … a gorgeous snow drops:)
    Now, I fully understood about what is snow drops, ths furr sharing. Coz’ I live in Indonesia, never experience winter and spring. I joined a group and they talked a lot about snow drops, since I was newbie, I thought that it was really a snow taht drops from the sky. It turned out that this is a kind of flower, not real snow!


  25. Pam Vaughan

    These flowers are so sweet. I wish that I could grow them……..

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