You Know When You’ve Been Twilighted

Back in early December I talked about getting around to reading the book Twilight by Stephenie Meyer.

Well, I have to confess I have given up for now, as I couldn’t get into it.  I am thinking of skipping to the next book New Moon though, to see if I get on any better with that.

On Monday though, I finally got a copy of the film to watch, and oddly enough I quite enjoyed it.  It’s intrigued me enough to want to watch the next film, which is supposedly out in November this year.

So, did anyone else like it?


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4 Responses to You Know When You’ve Been Twilighted

  1. :arrow: I can’t comment on here at all!

  2. Happy second anniversary. Don’t forget to blog about it. :)

  3. A.

    Way late with this comment, but I’ve just finished the book. I enjoyed it more than I thought I would but there was a little too much required of me in suspending belief. All the same, it seemed like a good escape while on holiday. I haven’t tried the film yet – I’m not sure that I want to just yet – and it’s too soon for me to want to read the next book.

    • No, never too late A! I don’t have any problem suspending belief myself as I regularly read books with all manner of creatures in them! I enjoyed it finally, though I read it last out of all the books. The others are worth reading too.

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