You’ve Got One Word…

Thanks to the lovely Mandy, I discovered this fiendish writing practice site.  One word, their choice – you write something in 60 seconds!  No pressure then ;-)  One Word.

Talking of writing, which is pretty much all I can do at the moment – here are some updates on the writing front.

Loving my Pinterest, I have several ideas in development.  From paranormal to modern to yet more historical, one 17th Century and one late 18th Century, early 19th.  Two firm WIPs (works in progress) both well on their way.  One intended for a shorter ebook line, the other a full printed novel.  These are both Regencies and happen to be sisters.  How this all happened is, ahem, another story.

Thing is day job and part time study shenanigans have just left me totally exhausted, and though I desperately want to write I know I’ll be going through the motions.  So.  I took control and not only booked myself a holiday in Italy, I made it a writing one!  You don’t seriously expect me to switch off do you?  Really?

One way or another this writing is getting done!

Expect manuscript sweaty palm moments later on in the year…


6 thoughts on “You’ve Got One Word…

  1. Glad you’re enjoying One Word Alison! Amazing how the mind goes blank when the clock starts ticking, isn’t it?

    I’m not surprised you’re finding it hard to get together the energy to write, given how busy you are! So well done you for booking that writing holiday! Exciting!

    I too have a couple of WIP (shortish stories – one set in the early part of the 19th century, and the other a modern, spooky tale) but have been finding it hard to actually get down to it, what with one thing and another!

    All the very best for your writing endeavours! Would love to read the finished products!

    Mandy 😀

    • Thank you Mandy!

      Any time you need a critique, just let me know. I confess I am intrigued by your 19th century one…

      I really, really hope to have some news this year about stories that others will be able to read 😀

      • Thanks, Alison – that’s a very kind offer! I haven’t got very far with either story yet (and I keep changing my mind about the direction the 19th century one is going!), but when I’ve got a bit further I could certainly do with a bit of critiquing!

        Most of my ideas seem to involve someone dying in the end! Maybe I ought to move away from that lol!

        Mandy 😀

        • I’m happy to read any length – and I know what you mean, there’s a fair bit of sadness that turns up in my stories. Though you could still use and channel the deaths into the story and still give a positive ending if you wanted perhaps…

          For instance if like me you write a little Romance, a second chance love story or a marriage triumphing over illness or grief etc. :)

          • Thanks, that’s really kind! I shall see what I can cobble together and wing it your way! I really must do some more writing soon.

            I’m not really very good at writing romance, much as I love reading it! I think it’s partly because as a teenager I used to write silly parodies to make my friends laugh!

            The 19th century story I’ve been tinkering with has a sort of romance, but it’s a bit strange lol! (My mum thinks everything I write is strange!)


  2. Great!

    That’s ok, you have mysteries, ghost stories and thrillers to work with also. 19th Century one sounds interesting – my Mum has never read my writing. In fact, none of my family has – though not sure it’s their cup of tea, so doesn’t matter!

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